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Figure 3

From: Second site escape of a T20-dependent HIV-1 variant by a single amino acid change in the CD4 binding region of the envelope glycoprotein

Figure 3

Cell-cell fusion assay with the GIA-SKY mutant and the GIA-SKY-G431R revertant. SupT1 cells were transfected with the HIV-1 pLAI constructs indicated below the X-axis. One day later, transfected cells were mixed with SupT1 cells containing a Tat-responsive LTR-luciferase reporter gene construct with (20 ng/ml) or without T20. After 24 hours, formation of syncytia was analysed by light microscopy (-, no syncytia; ++++, all cells involved in syncytia) and quantitated by measurement of luciferase activity in cell extracts.

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