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Figure 6 | Retrovirology

Figure 6

From: Nuclear Factor 90, a cellular dsRNA binding protein inhibits the HIV Rev-export function

Figure 6

NF90ctv affects structured-RNA translocation. HeLa cells were cotransfected with pRev/mRFP and pSGT-5(SDM/RRE/CM-GFP) or with pNF90/mRFP and pSGT-5(SDM/RRE/CM-GFP). The constructs represent HIV-1 Gag and GFP genes linked to RRE, making their expression dependent on Rev. The reporter gene (GFP) linked to RRE is expressed either in presence of Rev or NF90ctv (a and b, respectively). As controls HeLa cells were transfected with each construct alone. In presence the RRE, Rev localized mainly in the cytoplasm (a), colocalized with the GFP reporter (a''). However, NF90ctv in the presence of RRE, preferentially localized in the nucleus/nucleoli (b), and GFP reporter was distributed in the cytoplasm and in the nucleus.

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