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Figure 2

From: Human TRIM5α mediated restriction of different HIV-1 subtypes and Lv2 sensitive and insensitive HIV-2 variants

Figure 2

Human TRIM5α mediated restriction varies between 1.2 and 19.5 fold independent of subtype or coreceptor usage. Different primary isolates of HIV-1 subtype A, B, C, D, G, J, CFR_AG and HIV-1 group O (2 × 103 infectious units per well) were used to infect TZM-huTRIM5α cells and the relative restriction to infection compared to TZM-LNCX2 cells was calculated. CXCR4 tropic (A) and CCR5-tropic (B) virus isolates and molecular cloned viruses were used. Three independent experiments were done in triplicate. Error bars indicate the standard deviations of the data.

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