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Table 1 Characteristics of LAD patients

From: Dendritic cell-mediated HIV-1 transmission to T cells of LAD-1 patients is impaired due to the defect in LFA-1

  Gender/age CD11a/CD18 expression (MFI) % LFA-1 expression Details
LAD-1 #1 Male, 8 years 4/8 <1% of normal Late detachment of umbilical cord, recurrent infections, BM transplantation planned.
LAD-1 #2 Male, 15 years 4/8 5% of normal Recurrent infections, no chemotaxis/adhesion of granulocytes. Received granulocyte transfusions, no BM donor available.
LAD-1 #3 Female, 3 years 4/7 n.d. Mild symptoms, ready for BM transplantation.
LAD-1 variant Male, 12 years 104/199 normal Late detachment of umbilical cord, mild nonpussing inflammatory responses, necrotic of nature (20). Granulocyte transfusions for life-threatening pneumonia. Recently BM transplanted.
  1. Expression of CD11a/CD18 on leukocytes was determined by FACS before addition to DC.
  2. MFI: mean fluorescence intensity. n.d.: not determined. BM: bone marrow