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Figure 7

From: HIV-1 replication in cell lines harboring INI1/hSNF5 mutations

Figure 7

Virions produced in MON cells are defective for early reverse transcription. A. Graphic representation of copy number of early and late reverse transcription products formed upon infection of 293T cells. Equal quantities of virions produced in 293T (■) and MON (□) cells were used for infection and the copy numbers of RT products were determined by quantitative real time PCR. B. Reverse transcriptase activity of virions produced in 293T and MON cells. Virions collected at various times after transfection were concentrated and quantitated by p24 ELISA. Normalized amounts of virins were subjected to reverse transcriptase analysis. The graph represents CPM incorporated per ng of p24. C. and D. Analysis of concentrated virion proteins produced in MON cells in the presence of INI1. Immunoblot analysis of the virions produced in 293T and MON cells in presence or absence of INI1, by using α-p24 (C, top panels and D, bottom panel), α-RT (C, bottom panel), and α-hIgG from a patient serum (D, top panel). ...

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