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Figure 3

From: Role of common human TRIM5α variants in HIV-1 disease progression

Figure 3

Association of human TRIM5α haplotypes with HIV-1 disease progression in vivo. Panel A, Inferred haplotypes carrying non-synonymous variants. Panel B, Analysis of haplotypes according to the most parsimonious evolutionary analysis, where two main huTRIM5α groups can be defined according to the residue at codon 136. Shown are square root CD4 gradient (reference slope for all patients is -2.01). Top set of slope estimates corresponds to one copy of haplotype(s) group, bottom set is for two copies of haplotype(s) group. Only the H7 haplotype presented a slope significantly different from that of all patients (uncorrected p value). However, p values did not reach the experiment-wide significance of 0.003 (Simes modified Bonferroni p value).

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