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Table 1 Effect of various viral proteins on centrosomal abnormalities

From: HTLV-1 Tax: centrosome amplification and cancer

Viral Protein Cellular Interacting Protein Function in Normal Cells Phenotype
HBV X Crm1 Nuclear export receptor Abnormal centrioles
>2 centrosomes per cell
HPV E7 Rb Tumor suppressor
Transcriptional repressor
>2 centrosomes per cell
HPV E6 P53 Tumor suppressor >2 centrosomes per cell
KSHV LANA P53 Tumor suppressor Abnormal mitotic spindles
>2 centrosomes per cell
HTLV Tax TaxBP181 Mitotic spindle checkpoint protein Multinucleated cells
  RanBP1 Regulator of Ran-GTPase pathway >2 centrosomes per cell
  Tax1BP2 Regulates centrosome duplication >2 centrosomes per cell