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Figure 1

From: Involvement of HTLV-I Tax and CREB in aneuploidy: a bioinformatics approach

Figure 1

Aneuploidy in CTLL/WT cells. CTLL/WT and CTLL/703 cells were treated with 10 μg/ml colcemid, centrifuged, and resuspended in hypotonic solution to swell the cells. Cells were then fixed and dropped onto slides. After being stained with Giemsa and dried, slides were analyzed using the Olympus BX-60 microscope. A total of 35 metaphase spreads were counted. Representative chromosome spreads of CTLL/WT (panel A) and CTLL/703 (panel B) are displayed with 100 and 42 chromosomes, respectively. Panels C) and D) are graphical representations of the raw counts from these two cell types.

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