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Table 4 Differentially Expressed Genes Between Fr57E- and FrCasE-infected Microglia

From: Gene expression profiling of microglia infected by a highly neurovirulent murine leukemia virus: implications for neuropathogenesis

     Fr57E-infected FrCasE-infected  
probe set gene Accession Function/processa mean SE Callb mean SE Callb fold change
1449163_at single Ig IL-1 receptor related protein NM_023059 Immune reponse inhibition 72.42 28.86 mA 405.05 69.42 mP 5.39
1437712_x_at exosome component 4 AV212315 exonuclease/RNA processing 352.67 101 A 988.22 288.1 A 2.8
1451382_at RIKEN cDNA 1810008K03 gene, ChaC 1 BC025169 ChaC, cation transport regulator-like 186.12 19.03 mP 35.33 54.81 mA -5.27
  1. Bolded italicizedgenes are those that show differential expression in FrCasE-infected microglia when compared to mock- and Fr57E-infected microglia.
  2. a-Function/process was determined by gene ontology information provided through the Affymetrix NetAffx Analysis Center and its links to PubMed, EMBL, etc.
  3. b-A = Absent call in 5/5 arrays; mA = Absent calls in 3–4/5 arrays; P = Present call in 5/5 arrays; mP = present calls in 3–4/5 arrays