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Table 1 Survey of Highly Expressed Genes1in Freshly Isolated Microglia ± MLV Infection

From: Gene expression profiling of microglia infected by a highly neurovirulent murine leukemia virus: implications for neuropathogenesis

Ribosomal/protein sythesis genes:
L31, 10, S27a, L38, L41, L35, S23, L23, L35a, S28, L3, L7a, S3, L27a, S6, S4, S3a, S29, S18, S17, S16, S12, L5, L37a, L26, L13, L13a, L18, L24, S8, S14, L12, L29, L30, S20, S11, S24, S8, S19, L7, L21; Translation elongation factor 1α1, Laminin receptor.
Cytoskeletal/extracellular matrix genes:
Non-muscle beta actin, Actin-like gene, Vimentin, Alpha-tubulin, Thymosins β4 and β10, Fibronectin, Secreted phosphoprotein 1.
Metal ion homeostasis:
Metallothionen 1, Ferritin light chain, Ferritin heavy chain, Transferrin.
Protein folding, stress and turnover:
Heat shock proteins 8, 1; Calreticulin; Peroxiredoxins; Ubiquitins C, B, & A52; Cathepsins D, B, H, L, and Z.
Metabolism genes:
Aldo-keto reductase, non-neuronal enolase, Aldolase, Lactate dehydrogenase, Phosphoglycerate kinase 1, Prosaposin, Lipoprotein lipase.
Antiapoptotic genes:
Translationally controlled tumor protein 1
Granulin, TYRO Protein tryrosine kinase binding protein
Immune/macrophage-related genes:
CD9, CD14 (LPS receptor), CD53 (Ox 44), CD68 (Macrosialin), CD164, CD81, CD47, CD44, CD24, Toll-like Receptor 2, Galactose binding lectin, Interleukin-18, CSF-1 receptor, Macrophage expressed gene 1, Histocompatibility locus 2D, β2-microglobulin, C-type lectin, Tumor growth factor-beta greceptor, Lyphocyte cytosolic protein, Tumor necrosis factor-αlpha, Complement C1q, Chemokine ligand 6. Macrophage scavenger receptor, Fc Receptors for IgG and IgE, Lymphotaxin, Macrophage inflammatory protein-1αlpha, Macrophage inflammatory protein -1γamma, Macrophage migration inhibiting factor, LAMP-1, Lysozyme eosinophil-associated RNAse.
Other nervous system genes:
Apolipoprotein E, Amyloid beta precursor-like protein, Amyloid βeta precursor protein, Spinocerebellar ataxia gene, Synapsin 1, Endothelin receptor, S100 (callizzarin), Nieman-Pick type C2.
  1. 1. The genes listed include the top 1% of all transcripts with present calls, plus selected genes from the next 5% of the most abundant transcripts observed in all 15 arrays. The selected genes were chosen based on their previous documentation as hematopoietic/macrophage/immune cell markers and/or association with the CNS or neurodegenerative disease. For a complete list of gene transcript expression levels, probe sets, and genebank accession numbers please refer to supplemental information found at EMBL-EBI, accession E-MEXP-459 and in the additional file accompanying this paper.