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Figure 3

From: Inhibition of Tat activity by the HEXIM1 protein

Figure 3

HEXIM1 regulatory domains involved in repression. Human 293 cells were transfected with 50 ng of G5-HIV Luc reporter DNA alone (lane 1) or in the presence of 50 ng of pSV-Tat (lanes 2–20). The presence of increasing amounts (10, 100 and 500 ng) F:HEXIM1 wild-type (lanes 3–5), various deletion mutants (lanes 6–17) and F:HEXIM2 wt(18–20) are indicated, respectively. On the bottom, it is shown the western-blot of whole cells extracts from transfected cells probed with anti-Flag antibody from the indicated co-transfections. The results presented are from a single experiment after normalization to Renilla luciferase activity with the activity of the reporter without effect set to one. This experiment was performed three times with similar results.

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