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Table 1 Demographic, Clinical, and Laboratory Parameters of HIV-1 Infected Mother-Infant Pairs

From: Conservation of functional domains and limited heterogeneity of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase gene following vertical transmission

Patient Age Sex CD4+ cells/mm3 Length of infection a Antiviral drug Clinical Evaluation b
MB 28 yr   509 11 mo None Asymptomatic
IB 4.75 mo M 1942 4.75 mo None Asymptomatic, P1A
MC 23 yr   818 1 yr6 mo None Asymptomatic
IC 14 mo F 772 14 mo ZDV Symptomatic AIDS;P2A,D1,3,F
MD 31 yr   480 2 yr6 mo None Asymptomatic
ID 28 mo M 46 28 mo ddCc Symptomatic AIDS, P2AB,F; failed ZDV therapy
MF 23 yr   692 2 yr10 mo None Asymptomatic
IF 1 wk M 2953 1 wk ZDV Asymptomatic,P1A
MH 33 yr   538 5 mo None Asymptomatic
IHT1 7 mo F 3157 7 mo ACTG152 Hepatosplenomeglay lymphadenopathy
IHT2 7 mo F 2176 7 mo ACTG152 Hepatosplenomegaly lymphadenopathy
  1. M: mother; I: infant. aLength of infection: The closest time of infection that we could document was the first positive HIV-1 serology date or the first visit of the patient to the AIDS treatment Center, where all the HIV-1 positive patients were referred to as soon as an HIV-1 test was positive. Therefore, these dates may not reflect the exact dates of infection.
  2. b Evaluation for infants is based on CDC criteria, cddC, Zalcitibine