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Figure 1

From: Quantification of HTLV-I proviral load in experimentally infected rabbits

Figure 1

Source and characterization of HTLV-I virions used in this study. (A) Schematic representation of source and route of HTLV-I exposure. Rabbit BH24 was inoculated with HTLV-I clone K30p naked DNA and an HTLV-I producing cell line BH24 was derived from rabbit BH24 PBMC. Rabbit BH27 was inoculated with plasmid vector pSV2 DNA as negative control. Rabbit TO11 was infected with cell free virus prepared from BH24 cell line supernatant. Rabbits TO13, TO12 and BH42 received whole blood from rabbits BH27, BH24 and TO11, respectively. (B) Analysis of virus particles produced by cell line BH24. Fluorescence-activated cell analysis of cell line BH24 was carried out using antibodies directed against HTLV-I gp46 protein. Goat anti-mouse Ig labeled with fluorescein isothiocyanate was used as the second reagent. The figure (below) shows electro micrographs of particles isolated from supernatant of BH24. The scale bars represent approximately 100 nm. The virions concentration determined by electro micrographs was 2 × 1010 per ml of BH24 cell culture supernatant. The density of particles was 1.16 g / ml measuring by ultracentrifugation on a 20% to 60% sucrose gradient. (Data not shown)

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