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Figure 4 | Retrovirology

Figure 4

From: Intracellular immunity to HIV-1: newly defined retroviral battles inside infected cells

Figure 4

Schematic representations of hTRIM5α, macTRIM5α, and omTRIM5a. CypA proteins. hTRIM5α contains 493 residues and four conserved motifs, whose positions are given. They are the RING domain, B box, coiled-coil and SPRY domains. The latter domain is required for species-specific restriction of primate lentiviruses and is diagrammed in red. A key residue in this domain, which is the arginine at position 332 in hTRIM5α, or the proline at position 334 in macTRIM5α, is responsible for its species-specific inhibition of lentiviral replication. omTRIM5α from owl monkeys contains an N-terminal omTRIM5α sequence to position 299, linked in-frame to the entire CypA gene (147 residues)(omTRIM5α.CypA).

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