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Table 1 Stability of PBS following extended culture in PBMC

From: Preferences for the selection of unique tRNA primers revealed from analysis of HIV-1 replication in peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Virus PBS Sequence Time to Reversion1(days)
NL4-3-lle Lys,32 21
NL4-3-Met Met3 ---4
>NL4-3-Pro Lys,3 35
  1. 1. PBS analyzed at the time of in vitro culture in PBMC and found to be wild type, complementary to tRNALys,3.
  2. 2. PBS complementary to tRNALys,3.
  3. 3. PBS complementary to tRNAMet.
  4. 4. Analysis of 34 TA clones of the PBS following 63 days in culture revealed all maintained a PBS complementary to tRNAMet.