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Figure 2

From: Discovery of prosimian and afrotherian foamy viruses and potential cross species transmissions amidst stable and ancient mammalian co-evolution

Figure 2

PSFVaye and ChrEFV integration dates estimated from in-frame stop codon frequencies. Cumulative distribution functions (CDFs) of time duration for Pols of SFVcpz, SFVagm, SFVsqu, PSFVgal, FFV, and SloEFV to accumulate in-frame stop codons at the frequencies of 0.00774 (right, stop codon frequency of PSFVaye Pol) and 0.0144 (left, stop codon frequency of ChrEFV Pol). Based on these CDFs, the mean age of PSFVaye is estimated to be ~35.2-39.6 millions of years (Myr) old (95% confidence interval: 15–75 Myr old, mode: 30–35 Myr old, median: 35 Myr old). The mean age estimate of ChrEFV is 65.6-78.2 Myr old (95% confidence interval: 35–125 Myr old, mode: 60–65 Myr old, median: 65–75 Myr old).

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