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Figure 1

From: Discovery of prosimian and afrotherian foamy viruses and potential cross species transmissions amidst stable and ancient mammalian co-evolution

Figure 1

Complete and partial genomic organizations of PSFVgal, PSFVaye and ChrEFV. PSFVgal (A), PSFVaye (B), and ChrEFV (C) all exhibit at least some characteristic FV genomic features as indicated (see main text). PSFVaye and ChrEFV are interrupted by a few short interspersed nuclear elements (SINEs). Dashed lines indicate where genomes are truncated. Dotted boxes represent hypothetical domains which may be present but could not be identified. ‘t’-subscription indicates that the domain is truncated (5′-truncated: preceding the domain name; 3′-truncated: following the domain name). The scale bar (black solid line) represents a nucleotide length of 1 kb. LTR, long-terminal repeat; PBS, primer binding site; CTRS, cytoplasmic retention signal; GR boxes, glycine-arginine rich boxes; PR, protease; RT, reverse transcriptase; IN, integrase; PPT, polypurine tract; WXXW, conserved WXXW site; TM, transmembrane; SPase, signal-peptide peptidase; IP, internal promoter.

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