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Figure 2

From: GuavaH: a compendium of host genomic data in HIV biology and disease

Figure 2

Exome view of CCR5 in GuavaH. A protein is depicted in linear form (N to C terminus) with blue vertical lines representing nonsynonymous changes, red vertical lines representing premature stop codons and yellow lines representing frameshifts. The minor allele frequency (MAF) is plotted above for rare variants (MAF < 0.01) in green, and in purple for variants at MAF ≥ 0.01. Panel A - the graphic is plotted based on exome sequences from more than 8000 individuals from the general population: there are several rare variants that lead to CCR5 truncation that have not been generally recognized. Panel B – Other than CCR5α32 (shown at amino acid position 184) none of these protein truncating variants are present among 392 exomes from HIV-infected individuals.

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