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Figure 5

From: Anti-MPER antibodies with heterogeneous neutralization capacity are detectable in most untreated HIV-1 infected individuals

Figure 5

MPER-like neutralization capacity of selected plasma samples shows diverse antibody specificities. Panel A. Example of the neutralization profile of one plasma sample against a collection of chimeric HIV-2 viruses engrafted with the whole MPER region or the 2F5/4E10 epitopes. Specific neutralization capacity was calculated as the ratio of IC50 between engrafted viruses and wild type HIV-2, corresponding with the curve shift relative to that for wild type HIV-2. Panel B. Bar graph shows the level of specific MPER-like neutralization, expressed as described in panel A. Numbers on the top of bars indicate patient code. The table displays the values of the different parameters evaluated in the study for each tested plasma sample. Color code is indicated in the lower right corner.

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