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Figure 6

From: Resistance to simian immunodeficiency virus low dose rectal challenge is associated with higher constitutive TRIM5α expression in PBMC

Figure 6

ISG induction in PBMC of macaques highly susceptible to infection. The fold change in the relative expression of each RF, Mx1, and IFNγ post-exposure are plotted for susceptible animals (A) R700, (B) R701, (C) R702, (D) R703, (E) R704. Each gene is depicted by a different colored bar as indicated in the figure legend. Plasma virus loads (VL) are shown by the black line. All samples were obtained 4 days prior to the first exposure (basal levels) on all animals except monkey R700 from which PBMC samples were obtained on day 0 (day of first exposure). Fold change in gene induction was calculated by dividing the relative mRNA level at each time point by the basal level obtained prior to first rectal challenge. Values were normalized to the endogenous controls TBP and HPRT. The black horizontal line at a 2-fold change indicates the threshold for the observed induction to be true. Asterisks next to day numbers indicate days of rectal challenge.

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