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Figure 3

From: Resistance to simian immunodeficiency virus low dose rectal challenge is associated with higher constitutive TRIM5α expression in PBMC

Figure 3

Statistical analysis of basal ISG expression and susceptibility to infection. Relative basal mRNA levels of (A) Mx1, (B) TRIM5α, (C) Tetherin, (D) A3G, (E) Mx2, (F) SAMHD1, (G) SCHL11 were measured in the PBMC, ILN, and duodenum of the eight macaques, highly susceptible (R700-R704) and poorly susceptible animals (R697, R698, R705). Levels of basal ISG expression for each group were calculated as described in Figure 2. Each symbol indicates the mean expression value for one animal. Significance was calculated by the Mann–Whitney test. Asterisks indicate significance at P < 0.05.

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