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Figure 2

From: Resistance to simian immunodeficiency virus low dose rectal challenge is associated with higher constitutive TRIM5α expression in PBMC

Figure 2

Basal ISG expression in PBMC, ILN and duodenum. Relative mRNA levels of (A) Mx1, (B) TRIM5α, (C) Tetherin, (D) A3G, (E) Mx2, (F) SAMHD1, (G) SCHL11, and (H) IFNγ was determined in PBMC, inguinal lymph node mononuclear cells (ILN), and duodenal tissue biopsies of the eight macaques. All samples were obtained 4 days prior to the first exposure (basal levels) on all animals except monkey R700 from which PBMC samples were obtained on day 0 (day of first exposure). NormFinder [64] was used to determine the most stable endogenous control (TBP, HPRT, β2M, βGus) among the three tissues. All gene expression values were normalized to TBP, the most stable endogenous control. Relative expression was determined using the ΔCt method and the following formula: 1000 x 2-ΔCt. Horizontal lines denote mean expression levels in each tissue. Each symbol indicates the mean expression value for one animal. Significance was calculated using the Friedman test with Dunn's multiple comparison test. Asterisks indicate significance at P < 0.05.

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