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Figure 3

From: Novel principles of gamma-retroviral insertional transcription activation in murine leukemia virus-induced end-stage tumors

Figure 3

The transcriptional deregulations are common to other tumors containing proviruses at the same positions. (A-E) Reverse transcription (RT)-qPCR analyses including other tumors harboring integrations at deregulated loci. Tumors subjected to RNA-seq are colored green, and black arrow heads mark those that were found to contain a provirus at each of the loci. Other tumors of spleen and thymus from the NMRI dataset are shown in blue and red, respectively, while tumors from the BALB/c dataset are shown in black. As control, tumors from the same mouse strain and tissue were used without known integrations at the loci shown. It should be noted that the measurements for NMRI thymic reference tumors are shown individually, while the average of measurements is shown for NMRI and BALB/c splenic reference tumors, and these are marked as controls in the figure. (N) indicates that the Ct value was above a threshold of 30 cycles.

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