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Figure 1

From: Cyclophilin A promotes HIV-1 reverse transcription but its effect on transduction correlates best with its effect on nuclear entry of viral cDNA

Figure 1

Effects of CsA on HIV-1 transduction correlate more closely with CypA KD than do CA mutants that block CypA binding. HeLa cells (left) or Jurkat cells (right) were challenged with HIV-1 GFP reporter viruses bearing wild-type (WT) or mutant CA. 72 hours later GFP expression was assessed by flow cytometry. The cells were (A) depleted of endogenous CypA or (B) pre-treated with 5 μM CsA or DMSO and challenged with WT or A92E CA mutant virus. (C) Cells were challenged with viruses bearing the indicated capsid mutations (P90A, G89V, P90A/A92E, G89V/A92E). Data represent one of at least three independent experiments. Error bars represent ± SEM (n = 3).

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