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Table 1 HIV cure clinical trials

From: HIV-1 transcription and latency: an update

Trial/investigator Intervention Status
Optiprim ANRS 147 (A. Chèret) 3 vs 5 ARV at AHI NCT01033760 Ongoing
IntensVIH (A. Lafeuillade) RAL + MRV intensification NCT00935480 Ongoing
Eramune 01 (C. Katlama) IL7 + intensification RAL/MVC NCT01019551 Ongoing
Eramune 02 (R. Murphy) Vacc + intensification RAL/MVC NCT09976404 Ongoing
S. Deeks Disulfiram NCT01286259 Ongoing
D. Margolis Vorinostat (SAHA) NCT01319383 [229], Ongoing
S. Lewin Vorinostat (SAHA) NCT01365065 Ongoing
L. Østergaard Panobinostat NCT01680094 Ongoing
J. Lalezari ZFN (CCR5) NCT01252641 Ongoing
P. Tebas ZFN (CCR5) NCT00842634 Ongoing
A. Krishnan Autologous SC with anti-HIV genes NCT00569985 Ongoing
F. Maldarelli INFα 2b NCT01295515 Ongoing
Gilead Romidepsin NA To be started
S. Moreno Bryostatin NA To be started
H. Hatano Anti-PDI antibody NA To be started
A. Woolfrey Intervention autologous HIV resistant cells NA To be started