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Figure 2

From: Critical roles for Akt kinase in controlling HIV envelope-mediated depletion of CD4 T cells

Figure 2

CD4 and CCR5 have different effects on HIV Env-induced CD4 T cell death. Cell death was evaluated every 24 hours after purified tonsil CD4 T cells were incubated with soluble HIV gp120 protein (BaL, 10 μg/ml) in the absence or presence of blocking reagents for CD4 (sCD4 or VRC01, 20 μg/ml) or CCR5 (Maraviroc 1 μM; or 447-52D Ab 20 μg/ml) binding for 3 days (n = 7). The statistical significance was analyzed. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.005, ***P < 0.0001 (Student’s t test).

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