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Table 3 Difference in the number of unique alleles (∆n e (95% CI)) and the ratio of unique alleles (95% CI) in humans as compared to chimpanzees for the different MHC class I loci

From: The HIV-1 pandemic: does the selective sweep in chimpanzees mirror humankind’s future?

Locus Δne(95% CI) Ratio (95% CI)
Mhc-A 4.00 (2.00 - 7.00) 1.80 (1.33 - 2.40)
Mhc-B 5.00 (2.00 - 8.00) 1.63 (1.22 - 2.17)
Mhc-C 6.00 (3.00 - 8.00) 2.25 (1.60 - 3.67)
  1. For the statistical analysis, 50 haplotypes were re-sampled 100,000 times and with replacement, separately for both species. The ∆ne was calculated by subtracting the ne of the chimpanzee from the ne of the human, and the ratio of unique alleles in the two species was calculated by dividing the ne of the human by the ne of the chimpanzee. The median was defined as the 50,000th value and the lower and upper confidence limits were defined as the 250th and 99,750th values emanating from the bootstrapping. Calculations were performed using the R statistical package (version 2.15.3).