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Figure 5

From: Dynamic electrophoretic fingerprinting of the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein

Figure 5

CN54 gp140 trimer dynamic electrophoretic fingerprint (DEF) shown as a three dimensional wireframe model. Bolded lines show the line of zero electrophoretic mobility (LZM). There are three LZMs seen in the DEF: first at pH 4.2 and pλ 2.55 which moves to the left at higher pλ conditions. A second LZM is seen at a pH of 6.7 at low conductivity, which becomes horizontal at pλ above 3.85, after which electrophoretic mobility increases to 2.0 μmcm/Vs at pH 7.4-8.0 and pλ of 3.62. A third LZM is seen at pH 7.7 and low conductivity which moves to the right at higher conductivity and beyond which mobility is negative. Data were plotted using direct linear interpolation.

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