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Table 1 Cellular transcription factors predicted to bind to their respective putative consensus sequences on the ERVK LTR

From: Endogenous retrovirus-K promoter: a landing strip for inflammatory transcription factors?

Transcription Factor Consensus sequence References
Activating Protein 1 (AP-1); c-Jun/c-Fos TGA(G/C)TCA [34]
Activating Protein 2 (AP-2α) GCCNNNGGC [35]
Androgen receptor (AR) GG(A/T)ACANNNTGTTCT (ARE) [36]
cAMP Response Element Binding (CREB) protein T(G/T)ACGTCA (CRE) [37]
cAMP Response Element Modulator (CREM-α) T(G/T)ACGTCA (CRE) [37]
CCAAT-Enhancer Binding Protein (C/EBP) N(A/G)CCAAT [38, 39]
Cellular Myeloblastosis virus protein (c-Myb) (T/C)AAC(G/T)G [40]
Cellular Myelocytomatosis virus protein (c-Myc) NNNCACGTGNN (E-box) [41, 42]
Early B-cell Factor (EBF) CCCNNGGG [43]
Estrogen Receptor (ER-α; ER-β) GGTCANNNTGACC (ERE) [44]
E-twenty six (ETS-1; ETS-2) GGA(A/T) [45]
ETS-like Transcription Factor 1 (Elk-1) GGA(A/T) [45]
GATA binding protein (GATA) (A/T)GATA(A/G) [46]
Glucocorticoid Receptor (GR-α; GR-β) GGTACANNNTGTTC (GRE) [47]
Ikarose-1 (Ik-1) TGGGA(A/T) [48]
Interferon Regulatory Factor (IRF-1; IRF-3; IRF-7) GAAANN repeats (ISRE) [49, 50]
Lymphoid Enhancer-binding Factor 1 (LEF-1) CTTTGAA [51]
Microphthalmia-associated Transcription Factor-M (MITF-M) CA(C/T)GTG (E-box) [23]
Monocyte Enhancer Factor-2 (MEF-2A) CT(A/T)(A/T)AAATAG [52]
Myc Associated Zinc finger protein (MAZ) GGGAGGG [53]
Nuclear Factor of Activated T cells (NFAT-1) GGAGAA [54]
Nuclear Factor I (NF-I) TTGGCNNNNNGCCAA [55]
Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-kB) GG(G/A)(G/A)NN(C/T)(C/T)CC [56]
Octamer-1 (OCT-1) ATGCAAAT (ORE) [57]
Polyomavirus Enhancer Activator 3 (PEA-3) GGA(A/T) [45]
Progesterone Receptor (PR-A; PR-B) GNACANNNTGTNC (PRE) [58]
Protein 53 (p53) CATTAG [59]
Recombination signal Binding Protein-Jk (RBP-Jk) (C/T)GTGGGAA [60]
Sex-determining Region Y (SRY) (A/T)(A/T)CAA(A/T) [61]
Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STAT) TTCNNNNGAA [62]
Specificity Protein (Sp-1; Sp-3) GGGCGG (GC-box) [22]
TATA Binding Protein (TBP) TATAAA (TATA box) [63]
T cell Factor 1 (TCF-1) (G/C)ATCAAAGG [64]
Transcription Factor II D (TFII-D) TATAAA (TATA box) [63]
Transcription Factor II I (TFII-I) CANNTG [65]
Upstream Transcription Factor 1 (USF-1) CACGTG (E-box) [41]
Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) G(G/T)TCA [66]
X-box binding protein (XBP-1) CCACG [67]
Yin Yang 1 (YY1) GCCATNTT [68]