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Figure 3

From: HIV-1-associated PKA acts as a cofactor for genome reverse transcription

Figure 3

Characterization of PKI-NL4.3 and H89-NL4.3 viral particles. (A) 293T cells expressing HIV-1 NL4.3 were maintained in the presence of medium alone or supplemented with Myr-PKI (PKI) or H89 inhibitors. Normalized amounts of cells lysates (left panel) or sucrose cushion purified viruses (right panel) were sequentially probed with rabbit anti-RT or anti-gp41 sera or anti-p24 mAbs. (B) Genomic RNA in viral particles was quantified by qRT-PCR. Values are expressed as percentages of NL4.3 values ± SD. (C) NL4.3, PKI-NL4.3 and H89-NL4.3 viral particles were imaged by electron microscopy. Bar = 100 nm. (D) The number of fully mature and aberrant viruses was counted in each sample and expressed as a percentage of total observation (NL4.3 n = 57; PKI-NL4.3 n = 105; H89-NL4.3 n = 18). Error bars represent 95% confidence intervals.

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