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Figure 2

From: HIV-1-associated PKA acts as a cofactor for genome reverse transcription

Figure 2

Phenotypes of HIV-1 lacking PKA activity in primary human cells. Infectivity of normalized amounts of sucrose purified NL4.3, PKI-NL4.3 and H89-NL4.3 (50 ng p24 standardized for 1x106 cells) was assayed in PBMCs, CD4+ lymphocytes. Similar experiments were performed using primary monocyte-derived macrophages as target cells and NL81.A, PKI-NL81.A and H89-NL81.A viruses. At day 6 post-infection, HIV-1 DNA levels were monitored by qPCR amplification. Control experiments consisted of mock infected cells (-) or NL4.3- or NL81.A-infected cells maintained in the presence of 10 μM AZT. Data represent the average of duplicates ± SD and are expressed as percentages of wild-type conditions.

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