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Figure 1

From: HIV relies on neddylation for ubiquitin ligase-mediated functions

Figure 1

MLN4924 inhibits infection of macrophages by HIV-2. Primary human MDMs (A) or HEK293T cells (B) were pre-treated with 1 μM MLN4924 for three hours, and infected at an equivalent MOI with VSV-G-pseudotyped HIV-2 or HIV-2 with a frame-shift mutation in Vpx, Vpr or both as indicated. Panels C and D summarize data from multiple experiments and error bars show standard error. All viral constructs expressed GFP in place of Nef. GFP expression was detected using flow cytometry and used as an indicator of infection. The two-tailed Student’s t-test was used to determine whether differences between pairs of conditions are statistically significant. ns indicates comparisons where the differences were not significant at a level of 0.05.

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